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Flymultiplayer System

 Flymultiplayer System
  Flymultiplayer system is a project that aims to assist in training, learning or fun using a program that collects data from your simulated flight in real time by Google Maps and these data are graphed giving the user and those who follow the flight the actual planimetric and altimetric position on the globe, in addition to informing the flight plan sent, sending the elapsed time, speed, altitude, level of realism in the simulation used by the user, true course, magnetic, transponder code, manufacturer of aircraft Model aircraft, tail number, flight number, airline Cia, intelligent and automatic flight plan.
  The Flymultiplayer System is compatible with FSX SP2 / ACCELERATION or PREPAR3D.

  The Flymultiplayer System consists of:
- Google Maps with Tracker System (in really real-time) with updated data airways, fixed, NDBs, VORs, SIDs and STARs for consultation.
- FLYMULTIPLAYER MAP Program (To send your flight details and logbook)
- FLYMULTIPLAYER SERVER Program (To control servers in LAN mode - UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND TESTING - Available soon!)
- FREE Website and Ready for immediate use!
- Channel Free 24h TeamSpeak3 with initial space for up to 50 users.
How to Get a Free Website

Now get your website to create a new group or take a flight to your existing turbo with our automated tracking sistma in really real time!
  To contact send an e-mail requesting and describing in a few words about your group or Virtual Air company already in operation for: 
Teamspeak3 Flymultiplayer server address: ts.flymultiplayer.com (Do not fill in the password field)
or click here

 Website Tools
Control Panel on Site (Administrators Only):
- Tracking of users
- Information Fleet Aircraft (s) (description and screenshots of Aircraft)
- Information Routes (Source / Destination / Route / Notes)
- Co-system linked with the route Flymultiplayer Map Program
- Loading of top banner jpeg, swf. (980x150)
- Load Banners in jpeg, gif, png, swf. (980x220)
- Descrição do Site em painel de edição html5
- Upload screenshots of up to 1mb
- Upload Logos Partnership / sponsorship (180x60)
Pilot Panel :
- Upload screenshots of your flight (up to 1mb)
- Logbook of Cia and personal.
- More tools will be added to the Site by contacting the Desemvolvedor System.